Alex’s Bio

Growing up on a farm in the country Alex picked up a strong work ethic working on the land with his grandfather. At the age of 12, Alex started a landscaping- Snow removal business, soda business and a recycling business. By the age of 16, not only was he managing other companies, he worked tirelessly conducting snow removal all night and driving the equipment straight to school in the morning.

Alex was introduced to and took an interest in network marketing early on in his career, when he bought his first franchise. Soon came a realisation that the money he had earned when he was 13-14-15 years old was no longer sustaining him and inorder to escape this cycle of money coming in and going straight out he wanted to create cashflow, residual and royalty income that was not entirely dependent on his efforts there forth.

By the time Alex was 23 after being mentored by the great grey hairs and surrounding himself with successful people in the field, he had built multiple organizations throughout the industry ranging from 4000 to 250,000 members and consulted for many companies.

He feels that today we need to update an outdated system that needs a full gut and remodel. He gutted and remodelled this industry in order to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that serves all equally and generously. After many years of surrounding himself with successful people, learning about business, finance and marketing, Alex is certain Invezor will build the next revolution of influencer marketing.

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