Danish’s Bio

Danish has always been a people’s person, stepping into leadership roles came naturally from a young age. An outstanding sportsman and professional cricket player who represented his country – Malawi at Lords Cricket Ground London at the age of 14 and was trained by the likes of Harold Rhodes, Clive Radley and England Cricket Coach Paul Farbrace. This exposure and the importance of passion, teamwork and focus at a tender age became the very fabric of Danish’s character.

During his schooling at Hilton College – a prestigious boarding school in South Africa, Danish had his first taste of leadership as he became Head of House being responsible for the discipline, well being and character building of 120 students. A role which entailed leading by example and showing exemplary behaviour at all times. He learned during these formative years that hard work is recognised and pays off as does honesty and integrity.

After Hilton College came four years of studying Construction Engineering and Economics at The University of Cape Town. Here he acquired an understanding of Management Accounting and Industry Economics which would prove useful for setting up and managing businesses and understanding markets. Not one to shy away from the extracurricular, Danish became Chairman of the gym at the University during this time and took part in numerous weightlifting championships. Something which again required a great deal of discipline, focus and determination.

Before he entered the world of business, sales and management – Danish took a few years out to combine his passion for cricket, fitness and personal development by qualifying as a Personal Trainer and Injury Rehabilitation Therapist and worked at London’s Lords Cricket Ground. Very quickly he had gained a clientele of celebrities and affluent businessmen and women who came to him to be pushed mentally and physically to become the best they could be.

With this experience under his belt, it was time to turn his focus to business and sales. Over the next 7 years Danish gained invaluable experience and excelled in industries ranging from real estate (Portfolio Manager, Senior Sales Negotiator for Foxton’s London where he broke regional sales records) and qualified in Customer Relationship Management Systems, to being a Senior Business Development Manager, Commercial Manager and Territory Manager in the FMCG and agricultural industries in Malawi and Manchester.

This wealth of experience set Danish up perfectly to break away from the 9 to 5, working for someone else “scenario” and set up his own company. In 2016, a change in circumstances forced Danish to look beyond just self employment and find a way to combine that with working from home. A concept which up until now had been alien to him. A concept which then became a reality and went on to change his life and revolutionise his perception of time and money freedom.

Steadfast Ways was born. Danish being the Visionary and Founder, created Steadfast Ways, a personal development platform active in over 40 countries that equips its members with complementary tools, resources, skills and training required to become a successful entrepreneur. Steadfast Ways boasts a multitude of success stories from individuals who have built themselves and their businesses thanks to the powerful culture of empowerment, loyalty and integrity.

Having achieved numerous leadership accolades shortly after entering the realm of personal development, Danish built strong networks globally through a commitment to empower individuals world over. This commitment was born from a passion for charity work, giving back and investing in community lead development projects that are sustainable and will improve the lives of generations to come all of which is fueled by an unfaltering belief in “abundance mentality” – a selfless approach to benefiting those around you.

Danish is incredibly excited to integrate this personal development platform with Invezor – an entrepreneurial eco system that taps into various industries. This combination of personal development, industry specific training and access to business building resources is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to be financially free, empowered and successful.

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