Gerald’s Bio

Gerald Ebker was reared on a family farm in east-central Missouri. After attending high school in Owensville, Missouri, he attended Harding University where he received a B.S. in mathematics. For his senior year he was elected and served as student body president.

He then attended Kansas State University where he taught mathematics while he earned an M.S. in mathematics. He was elected to be chairman of the math colloquium.

After graduate school, he began a 31 year career with IBM. For the first 13 years he worked on a NASA contract providing the computers and software to support the Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas for the Apollo program. In 1968 he was selected Outstanding Young Engineer in America. In 1969 he represented the United States and NASA at the World Space Congress speaking on the challenges of the recently achieved lunar landing.

In 1976 he moved to Washington, DC where he held a number of executive positions managing a breadth of projects in defense, intelligence, and air traffic control areas. Project management was his particular strength and he was called upon multiple times to recover and stabilize contracts and projects that were in difficulty.For the last seven years of his career with IBM, he was responsible for all of IBM’s business with the federal government. This was an organization of 20,000 people generating revenue of $3.4B annually.

After retiring in 1994 he has resided on a farm in Missouri. Although retired he has been active in his community. He led a $6M project to add necessary improvementsto a non-profit nursing home. He led an organization in developing and building a subdivision of 15 homes for lower income workers after a study showed the shortageof housing in the community. And as President of the Alumni Association, he increased membership by a factor of 10 and raised over a million dollars for scholarships. He recently, led a fundraising effort that raised $150,000 to provide food assistance for the needy in his community.

He joined Invezor because of its unique structure and the potential to provide growth and opportunity to thousands of employees.

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