Linda’s Bio

I was born in Kansas City Kansas. When I was young, my family travelled for my father’s work, and lived throughout the USA before my family settled in Central Missouri where my father and mother settled to raise our family. My father started buying shareholdings and then purchasing farmland as investments in the rural areas of Missouri, mostly for my Mother as my mother loved visiting the family farm as a child growing up. My family was very private and extremely humble. They fell in love with the seclusion and tranquillity of rural Missouri. My father’s career was in Aerodynamics, working with some of the top companies where he travelled throughout the world for his job. Rural Missouri was a great place for him to wind down from the stressful work environment and we all loved the great outdoors. I loved spending time with my horses across the beautiful countryside and spent my summers and weekend growing up on our family farm, and finally moving to central Missouri right out of high school.

My family was extremely supportive of my life choices and encouraged me to do whatever I wanted. I remember my father telling me I can do anything I wanted to, I just had to believe I could. That is what made me who I am today. I am a person that can overcome fear. I love learning new things and will follow my instinct and take risks. One of the things that helped me was the talent I had for drawing/painting and because of my love of art, I taught oil painting classes for a few years and enjoyed working with people. I decided to go to college and make art a full-time career as a Graphic Artist, which lead me to work with some of the best Graphic Designers in the industry, through custom presentation products, sales and advertising in the print industry for companies such as Orlando SeaWorld, Anheuser-Busch, Trump University, Tommy Hilfiger, and numerous others.

While working in the presentation print industry I was awarded the Product of Excellence Award from the (BIA) The Binding Industries Association. This furthered my career with a company that worked solely with the preservation of the United States history and US historical documents where I got the chance to develop the artwork for the preservation book covers for the Bruce Lee Foundation. These books housed Bruce Lee’s personal manuscripts where I worked closely to design them through the supervision of Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Emery Lee.

Later I extended my education into Web Design working as a freelance artist with local small businesses which is where I was introduced to Network Marketing. I fell in love with the team environment and the practice of self- development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. This was exciting to me because I loved working with people and was able to use my training from the Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training Management courses I completed. What I learned was, why not work as hard for myself as I did working for other companies especially in a downturned economy when all your hard work doesn’t matter when the economy is failing. I started working with one company learning everything I could. This resulted in building large teams but due to the companies I had joined, I felt I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be. I loved the business model and still do but I felt there was a need to focus more on helping people grow their own business instead of the very same people growing the business for them.

My attention turned to Gojohn Holdings. This company first started out as a Real Estate Firm, flipping houses and owning a portfolio of rental properties. From an early age my father, before he passed away, had taught me the ins and outs on how to invest in Fortune 500 company shareholdings of which continues today successfully. Gojohn Holdings was created to carry on my fathers legacy and what better way to do so than with Invezor.

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